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Feliway Plugin 48ml

Feliway Plugin 48ml

Comfort Zone with Feliway mimics the facial pheromone that cats release when they rub their face on a table leg, the arm of your couch or even their owner. This pheromone marks the area as safe and cat-friendly. Applying Comfort Zone with Feliway to areas where a cat has urine marked or scratched, reassures the cat that it is safe in its surroundings. This reduces the chance to urine mark or scratch there again. Comfort Zone with Feliway is not a drug or tranquilizer and does not affect humans or domestic pets other than cats.

Comfort Zone with Feliway Diffuser controls destructive behavior in new surroundings and for 24-hour in-home control. One diffuser lasts approximately four weeks.

Ingredients: Analogue of feline facial pheromone.... 2% Excipients to.... 100g

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