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Aunt Jeni's Allergy Aid for Dogs and Cats
Aunt Jeni's

Aunt Jeni's Allergy Aid for Dogs and Cats


Aunt Jeni's Allergy Aid makes your pet more resistant to the most common triggers of allergic reactions. This supplement gives your pet long term relief of allergies naturally, without dependence upon painful shots or harmful steroids. It contains all-natural vitamin and herbal ingredients known for boosting the immune system, calming and soothing the skin, and promoting shiny, luxuriant coat growth. Vitamin C, Quercitin, and Burdock Root are natural antihistamines and antioxidants. The family of B-Vitamins, especially Biotin, serves to restore and renew healthy skin. Liver and anchovy, in addition to providing plenty of B Vitamins and essential amino acids, also make the tablets taste appealing without the addition of sugar or salt.

Ingredients (per chewable tablet):

Vitamin C250 mg
    Calcium Ascorbate150 mg
    Ascorbic Acid100 mg
Liver200 mg
Anchovy Powder200 mg
Burdock Root100 mg
Quercitin100 mg
Biotin100 µg

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